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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Listmania, part two (cont'd):

Here are the historical fiction and nonfiction books on my list. At the rate this list is growing, I do not think it is possible that I will ever buy and read everything on it.

Part Three: Historical Fiction:

Lorna Doone / Blackmore, R.D. / 17th century England
Render Unto Caesar / Bradshaw, Gillian / Pax Romana
The Lady and the Unicorn / Chevalier, Tracy / 15th Century France
The Magician’s Death / Doherty, Paul / 14th century England
The White Company / Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan / Medieval England
The Count of Monte Cristo / Dumas, Alexander / Medieval France
The Three Musketeers / Dumas, Alexander / Medieval France
The Name of the Rose / Eco, Umberto / 10th century England
Sarah Canary / Fowler, Karen Joy / 19th century America
The Inheritors / William Golding / Neanderthal Era
I, Claudius / Graves, Robert / Roman Empire
City of God / Holland, Cecelia / Renaissance Italy
Soul Thief / Holland, Cecilia / Viking Era
The Witches' Kitchen / Holland, Cecilia / Viking Era
Ex Libris / King, Ross / 17th century England
An Army of Angels / Marcantel, Pamela / Joan of Arc
Moby Dick / Melville, Herman / 19th century whaling ship
Empress Orchid / Min, Anchee / 19th century China
The Eight / Neville, Katherine / 18th century France
Time and Chance / Penman, Sharon Kay / Thomas Beckett
The Sunne in Splendor / Penman, Sharon Kay / Richard III
The Nautical Chart / Perez-Reverte, Arturo / 17th century
The Club Dumas / Perez-Reverte, Arturo / contemporary
The Girl Who Played Go / Shan Sa / World War II Manchuria
Captain Blood / Sabatini, Rafael / Pirating era
The Judgement of Caesar / Saylor, Steven / 1st century BC Rome
Ivanhoe / Scott, Sir Walter / Medieval England
On Emerald Downs / Shaw, Patricia / 19th century Australia
Prince of Foxes / Shellabargar, Samuel / Renaissance Italy
Captain From Castile / Shellabargar, Samuel / 16th century Spain
Justinian / Turteltaub, H.N. (Harry Turtledove) / Roman Empire

Part Four: Nonfiction (a lot of travel books and history):

Ultimate Journey / Richard Berstein
Yak Butter and Black Tea / Walter Brackenbury
The Chinese in America / Iris Chang
A Brief History of the Human Race / Michael Cook
My Journey to Lhasa / Alexandra David-Neel
Readings: Essays & Literary Entertainments / Michael Dirda
An Open Book / Michael Dirda
Used And Rare : Travels in the Book World / Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone
Good Luck Life / Rosemary Gong
River Town: Two Years on the Yangtse / Peter Hessler
Kon-Tiki / Thor Heyerdahl
On the Missionary Trail / Tom Hiney
Brunelleschi's Dome / Ross King
My First Revolution / Winthrop Knowlton
Sacagawea’s Nickname / Larry McMurtry
A Traveler in Italy / H.V. Morton
A Traveler in Southern Italy / H.V. Morton (currently OOP)
Screaming in the Castle / Charles Nicholl
Dances with Luigi / Paul E. Paolicelli
Under the Southern Sun / Paul E. Paolicelli
Stolen Figs: And Other Adventures in Calabria / Mark Rotella
The Brendan Voyage / Tim Severin
The China Voyage / Tim Severin
Lust for Life / Irving Stone
Riding the Iron Rooster / Paul Theroux
The Pillars of Hercules / Paul Theroux
Italy / Travelers Tales Books
Tibet / Travelers Tales Books
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World / Jack Weatherford
1688: A Global History / Jon E. Willis


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