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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Science Fiction Matching Quiz - Answers

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz. Now admit it: How many of the 20 did you get correct? ☺

David Selig / Dying Inside
Enoch Wallace / Way Station
Susan Calvin / I, Robot
Paul Atreides / Dune
Nicholas Van Rijn / The Man Who Counts
Kirth Gersen / The Star King
Conrad Nimikos / This Immortal
Louis Wu / Ringworld
Danny Boles / Brittle Innings
Damon Konstantin / Downbelow Station
Lorenzo Smythe / Double Star
Robinette Broadhead / Gateway
Maya Toitovna / Red Mars
Cordelia Naismith / Barrayar
Genly Ai / The Left Hand of Darkness
Martin Silenus / Hyperion
Lorq Von Ray / Nova
Patera Silk / Book of the Short Sun
Charlie Gordon / Flowers for Algernon
Ramon Ruiz-Sanchez / A Case of Conscience


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