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Sunday, February 25, 2007

f&sf links for the serious reader

To some extent we are currently enjoying a Golden Age of science fiction criticism. There are more f&sf-related websites now than there ever were either semi-professional or amateur zines devoted to f&sf in my sfnal lifetime (which dates back to the late 1960s). It has become so easy to keep up with everything from news and opinion to reviews and interviews on science fiction and fantasy. All it takes is a computer and a browser and you can be connected to the entire science fiction world.

Here are my favorite such f&sf-related websites, most of which I check either daily or at least weekly. Enjoy them!

Three daily news sites: the blog of SFBC editor Andrew Wheeler which he updates Monday through Friday with numerous links to reviews, articles and interviews; not quite as extensive as Wheeler’s site, but publishes on weekends and is just as essential; the online sister of Locus Magazine.

My favorite review sites: publishes twice-monthly, recently published its editors’ choices as the best sf books of 2006 with the reader choices to follow; media news as well as a handful of new book reviews each week by the likes of Paul DeFilippo and John Clute; reviews of both books and movies; reviews sf, fantasy, mystery, horror and comic books; http:/ interviews and reviews divided into U.S. and U.K. releases; a British site with reviews on many authors and books not so well known in the U.S.; devoted entirely to prozines and short fiction

Finally, a few miscellaneous links: a website which is home to dozens of f&sf fanzines, many of them well-worth reading (my own monthly Visions of Paradise is published here); a site containing complete bibliographies for thousands of authors, listed by series, an incredibly-valuable site for any serious reader of f&sf


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