Visions of Paradise

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I generally give books I have read a rating, so I have decided to include those ratings in this blog. For starters, here are the ratings for the books I read this summer. "A" ratings are highlighted.

Book / Author / Rating
Ilium / Dan Simmons / B+
Olympos / Dan Simmons / B-
Inheritor / C. J. Cherryh / B+
Roma Eterna / Robert Silverberg /B+
Crystal Rain / Tobias Buckell / B-
The Rosetta Codex / Richard Paul Russo / B+
Helix / Eric Brown / B+
The Judgment of Caesar / Steven Saylor / A
The Engines of God / Jack McDevitt / B+
Children of Thunder / John Brunner / B-


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