Visions of Paradise

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My favorite books ever

I rank the books I read from A (highest) to D (lowest), so a listing of the books which I have given A rankings constitutes my favorite books ever. Here is that list in alphabetical order by author. Perhaps someday I’ll sort the top 50 books into a ranking by preference.

Aldiss, Brian W. / Helliconia Spring
Anderson, Poul / Tau Zero
Iain M. Banks / Look To Windward
Barrett, Andrea / Voyage of the Narwhal
Baxter, Stephen / Resplendent
Benford, Gregory / Timescape
Bester, Alfred / The Stars My Destination
Bishop, K.J. / The Etched City
Bishop, Michael / Brittle Innings
Bishop, Michael / No Enemy But Time
Bishop, Michael / Unicorn Mountain
Bradley, Marion Zimmer / The Mists of Avalon
Bradley, Marion Zimmer / The Forbidden Tower
Card, Orson Scott / Ender’s Game
Card, Orson Scott / Speaker for the Dead
Carroll, Jonathan / The Bones of the Moon
Chabon, Michael / Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Chabon, Michael / The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
Cherryh, C.J. / Brothers of Earth
Cherryh, C.J. / Downbelow Station
Cowper, Richard / The Road to Corlay
Crowley, John / Little, Big
Denton, Bradley / Buddy Holly is Alive and Well...
Delany, Samuel R. / Nova
Doctorow, E.L. / Ragtime
Farmer, Philip José /To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Farmer, Philip José / The Fabulous Riverboat
Hegi, Ursula / Stones From The River
Kay, Guy Gavriel / Last Light of the Sun
Keyes, Daniel / Flowers for Algernon
King, Stephen / The Shining
Kress, Nancy / An Alien Light
Le Guin, Ursula K / The Dispossessed
Le Guin, Ursula K / Left Hand of Darkness
Lynn, Elizabeth A. / The Sardonx Net
Martin, Geo R.R. / The Armageddon Rag
McDevitt, Jack / Infinity Beach
McDevitt, Jack / Seeker
McIntyre, Vonda / The Moon and the Sun
Merle, Robert / Malevil
Mieville, China / Perdito Street Station
Morrison, Toni / Beloved
Panshin, Alexei / Rite of Passage
Pears, Iain / A Dream of Scorpio
Pears, Iain / Instance of the Fingerpost
Pohl, Frederik / Gateway
Robinson, Kim S / The Wild Shore
Robinson, Kim S / Icehenge
Robinson, Kim S / Red Mars
Robinson, Kim S / Green Mars
Sargent, Pamela / The Shore of Women
Saylor, Steven / The Judgment of Caesar
Silverberg, Robert / Dying Inside
Silverberg, Robert / Nightwings
Silverberg, Robert / The Book of Skulls
Silverberg, Robert / Shadrach in the Furnace
Silverberg, Robert / The Masks of Time
Simak, Clifford D. / Way Station
Simmons, Dan / The Fall of Hyperion
Simmons, Dan / Hyperion
Stewart, Sean / Mockingbird
Tepper, Sherri S. / Grass
Tey, Josephine / Daughter of Time
Vinge, Joan / The Snow Queen
Vonnegut, Kurt / Slaughterhouse 5
Wilhelm, Kate / Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Xueqin, Cao and Gao E / Dream of the Red Chamber
Yan, Mo / Red Sorghum
Zelazny, Roger / The Dream Master
Zelazny, Roger/ This Immortal
Zelazny, Roger / Lord of Light