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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Will F. Jenkins Day!

Today is Will F. Jenkins Day in honor of the science fiction grandmaster Murray Leinster. Recently I posted my review of his book Med Ship which was a really enjoyable book showcasing the very best that traditional science fiction can be. As soon as I get out of the crush of books I’ve gotten from Paperback Swap, I intend to buy more Leinster books, likely one or both of his collections A Logic Named Joe and Planets of Adventure.

Speaking of Paperback Swap, I have now gotten 16 books in trade, which contain 30 novels as well as numerous short stories by Poul Anderson, Kim Stanley Robinson, Andre Norton, Lois McMaster Bujold, Robert Silverberg, Stephen Baxter, Cecilia Holland, Stephen Lawhead, Jack McDevitt, James White and A. Bertram Chandler. I realize I cannot read all of them in 10 weeks’ vacation, but I plan to make a huge dent in the pile, starting with Andre Norton’s classic series Time Traders, all 4 novels of which I have now. Stay tuned for that review soon.


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