Visions of Paradise

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quiz answers

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1 “No! I don’t want the mangosteen.” / The Windup Girl
2 After pursuing him a week (half my annual vacation from the Columbus Ledger-Inquirer), I caught up with Danny Boles on a blustery day in April at a high school in eastern Alabama. / Brittle Innings
3 Everybody falls and we all land somewhere. / Spin
4 Monkey never dies. / The Years of Rice and Salt
5 Nine months Landsman’s been flopping at the Hotel Zamenhof without any of his fellow residents managing to get themselves murdered. / The Yiddish Policemen’s Union
6 Shadow had done three years in prison. / American Gods
7 The Hegemony consul sat on the balcony of his ebony spaceship and played Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp Minor on an ancient but well-maintained Steinway while great green, saurian things surged and bellowed in the swamps below. / Hyperion
8 The shining rim of the planet Rodeo wheeled dizzily past the observation port of the orbital transfer station. / Falling Free
9 There was a razorstorm coming in. / Revelation Space
10 Veldt to scrub to fields to farms to these first tumbling houses that rise from the Earth. / Perdito Street Station


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