Visions of Paradise

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Postscripts is an interesting semi-annual prozine by PS Publishing, who are better-known for the series of novellas they have released the past several years. The Summer 2005 issue (#4 overall) contains several strong stories:

> “Zima Blue,” by Alastair Reynolds, a far-future story of a famous artist seemingly obsessed with blank spaces of the color zima blue;

> “Beyond Mao,” a collaboration between Barry Malzberg & Paul DiFilippo about a Chinese expedition to Mars;

> “Master Lao and the Flying Horror,” a fantasy by Lawrence Person set in an alternate historical China;

> “The Cell,” a typically-weird Twilight Zonish story by Zoren Zivkovic, the first of a series of four novellas to be published in Postscripts.

This is a fine prozine, competitive in quality with Fantasy & Science Fiction, which is probably the best prozine currently being published regularly. The fact that Postscripts is only published twice-yearly makes it easier for me to keep up with than a nearly-monthly magazine such as F&SF, which I would like to subscribe to, since I like Gordon Van Gelder’s taste better than that of his predecessor Kristine Kathryn Rusch, but I cannot justify the huge time allotment involved. So I am very thankful for Postscripts, which I recommend highly.