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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sidewise Awards

One of the awards announced at the Renovation worldcon taking place this weekend are the Sidewise Awards. I am a big fan of historical fiction, including alternative history, so these awards appeal to me, and often suggest some good reading for me as well.

For those of you who enjoy alt hist as much as I do, here is a listing of all the winners of the Sidewise Award. Happy reading!

Year / Long Form Winner / Short Form Winner
2010 / Eric G. Swedin, When Angels Wept / Alan Smale, “A Clash of Eagles”
2009 / Robert Conroy, 1942 / Alastair Reynolds, “The Fixation”
2008 / Chris Roberson, The Dragon’s Nine Sons / Mary Rosenblum, “Sacrifice”
2007 / Michael Chaban, The Yiddish Policemen’s Union / Michael Flynn. "Quaestiones Super Caelo Et Mundo" tied with Kristine Kathryn Rusch. "Recovering Apollo 8"
2006 / Charles Stross. The Family Trade, The Hidden Family, and The Clan Corporate / Gardner Dozois. "Counterfactual"
2005 / Ian R. MacLeod. The Summer Isles / Tilton, Lois. "Pericles the Tyrant"
2004 / Roth, Philip. The Plot Against America / Warren Ellis, Chris Weston, and Laura DuPuy Martin. Ministry of Space
2003 / Murray Davies. Collaborator / Chris Roberson. "O One"
2002 / Martin J. Gidron. The Severed Wing tied with Harry Turtledove. Ruled Britannia / William Sanders. "Empire"
2001 / J.N. Stroyar. The Children's War / Ken MacLeod. The Human Front
2000 / Mary Gentle. Ash: A Secret History / Ted Chiang. "Seventy-Two Letters"
1999 / Brendan DuBois. Resurrection Day / Alain Bergeron. "The Eighth Register"
1998 / Stephen Fry. Making History / Ian R. MacLeod. "The Summer Isles"
1997 / Harry Turtledove. How Few Remain / William Sanders. "The Undiscovered"
1996 / Stephen Baxter. Voyage / Walter Jon Williams. "Foreign Devils"
1995 / Paul J. McAuley. Pasquale's Angel / Stephen Baxter. "Brigantia's Angels"


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